Major World Indices based on Moon can be predicted by you
Index Analysis :
Turning points in any of the major World Indices can be analysed in a graphical form for the intraday trader using KP-Graphs based on simple interactive maths between Levels L1 to L6 to predict the movement of the index.

Learn and Earn :
KP-Graphs based on Moon provides turning points based on L1 as the input or sentiment compared with L2 & L3 difference or interaction as the reference level. Observe the flow and or interaction of L4 & L5 and compare it with the holding level of L2 difference L3 for the day and improve your trading success in the stockmarket. Trading as an investor or a day trader is now within your reach.
KP-Graphs Audio-Visual Learning slides :
01_Electron Systems
02_Wave Theory
03_KP-Graphs Outline
04_Intraday Trading
05_What is a Stock Market Index
06_Futures and Options
07_Calls and Puts options
08_How do I start trading
09_Futures and Options contracts expire
10_In-the-money options
13_Margins payable and Contract settlement
14_Introduction to Analysis and Prediction
15_The rise and fall of Index
17_The Sign Star and Sub parts are shown
18_Structure of KP Graphs
19_Action of the Levels
20_The 6 levels in KP-Graphs
21_L1 Level
22_L1 and L2 Level
23_L1 L2 and L3 Level
24_L1 L2 L3 and L4 Level
25_L1 L2 L3 and L4 Level_TT
26_L1 L2 L3 L4 and L5 Level
27_L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 and L6 Level
28_Analyse and Predict the Index
29_Action of L2 Level
30_Action of L3 Level
31_Action of L4 Level
32_Action of L5 Level
33_Action of L6 Level
34_Interaction of Power values
37_The Concept
44_Learn from History
45_World Indices
46_Trading Instruments
47_Trading Philosophy
48_Trading Example
49_What Next
50_Who can use
51_The End
Must Read before you venture to trade Intraday.
Points to Ponder for background.   Learning from Historical Sorted KPGraphs.
Trading Checklist before you actually trade
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Example Audio-Visual Slides
     24 Hours       Trading Time
01_Example_24   01_Example_TT
02_Example_24   02_Example_TT
03_Example_24   03_Example_TT
04_Example_24   04_Example_TT
05_Example_24   05_Example_TT
06_Example_24   06_Example_TT
07_Example_24   07_Example_TT
08_Example_24   08_Example_TT
09_Example_24   09_Example_TT
10_Example_24   10_Example_TT
11_Example_24   11_Example_TT
12_Example_24   12_Example_TT
13_Example_24   13_Example_TT
14_Example_24   14_Example_TT
15_Example_24   15_Example_TT
16_Example_24   16_Example_TT
17_Example_24   17_Example_TT
18_Example_24   18_Example_TT
19_Example_24   19_Example_TT
20_Example_24   20_Example_TT
KP-Graphs Multimedia Tutorial